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What to Eat for a Healthy Gut 2


What to Eat (And Avoid) for a Healthy Gut 2



Source: Tasty Yummies

Nurturing and Healing Your Gut

The fact is, we live in a modern society with busy lifestyles. Processed foods, chemicals, and pollutants aren’t always avoidable, but we’ve the energy to be informed and educated to help shape our own microbiomes, transform, and reclaim our health and wellness and wellness for the long-haul.


Get Your Probiotics

Probiotics help balance the good and bad bacteria in the gut. I have been takwithwithing probiotics for years and notice a big impact when I’m with them. I really recommend utilizing a high quality one to see results. I like that 1 by Klaire Labs, and Silver Fern is very popular. They are able to get expensive though, in case you have real will besues contact an expert to help you find the proper one.


There are also great fermented foods that are dense in probiotics including: low sugar kombucha, sauerkraut, low sugar yogurts, kefir, and kimchi.


Don’t Forget Prebiotics

The Cinderella to probiotics, prebiotics work in tandem with probiotics for improved gut health. They are essentially fibers that don’t break down as they move through your body and end up being “fuel” for good bacteria growth. Apart from supplements the most typical places you’ll find these guys are usually usually in: raw garlic, natural dandelion green, raw asparagus, natural or cooked onions, and under-ripe bananas.

Source: Pinch of Yum

Eat Whole Nutrient Dense Foods

This is my advice for everyone. The best way to nurture and cultivate a healthy gut would be to eat nourishing REAL food.

Here are a few rules to live by:

*If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it

*Eliminate things that can be found in a package

*Chew your food to assist digestion


*Focus on: veggies, pasture raised organic meats, wild caught fish, healthy fats

*Avoid: refined sugar, carbs, oils, and conventional meat and dairy


Decrease Stress and Move Mindfully

Find practices you can incorporate into your daily life that will reduce your stress.

Here are a few things that work for me:

*Meditation – even 5 minutes a day can make a notable difference

*Journaling – letting it from a piece of paper could be such a cathartic experience

*Gratitude – recite five things you’re grateful for each day

*Surround yourself with friends and people you love

*Exercise – move the body to increase serotonin levels. Make sure to pick exercise you like otherwise it will have the reverse effects.

I know it sometimes feels like the whole industry is going a bit crazy with “clean” products from food to skincare, but think about your gut and make an informed decision. There will be times where it doesn’t feel realistic to generate the ‘gut-friendly’ decision, but arming yourself with the equipment and information you need is often a first step to a healed gut and happy mind.


If you think you may be experiencing gut health issues, I highly recommend contacting a health care provider or medical professional who can help you get to the root cause. You should also remember that you will be unique and there are many factors that may be affecting your personal, bioindividual health including: work, relationships, diet, exercise, blood type, ancestry, where you live, etc.




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